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A Primary Focus On Insurance Subrogation Law

On behalf of national, regional, and local carriers, Bodie Enger Law, LLC specializes in pursuing insurance subrogation claims against responsible parties and maximizing recovery on such claims. We handle all aspects of subrogation claims from analyzing whether or not you have a claim worth pursuing, to scene preservation and expert/forensic investigation, to representing clients in court, arbitration, and/or mediation, to implementing a broad net of post-judgment collection strategies. We pride ourselves on ensuring claims are fully investigated, prepared, and well suited to withstand the defenses asserted in litigation. We will develop a tailored approach to each claim to match not only the facts and circumstances of the claim to the desired outcome but within the cost budget and parameters our clients have.

Bodie Enger Law, LLC obtains successful results on various types and sizes of subrogation matters ranging from seven-figure property losses to automobile fender benders. We are motivated by holding responsible parties accountable and subject to recovery, which benefits our clients, their insureds, and society as a whole.

Navigating Colorado’s Subrogation Laws

At Bodie Enger Law, LLC, we can guide you through Colorado’s subrogation laws in pursuing recovery on your claim. We can assist in determining whether your claim is subject to Colorado’s Made Whole doctrine or whether one of the statutory exceptions applies permitting more immediate pursuit of your interests. Many other statutes, legal doctrines, and regulatory schemes intertwine throughout a subrogation case such as Colorado’s Construction Defect Action Reform Act (CDARA), contribution among joint-tortfeasors, the Economic Loss Rule, and Primary vs. Excess coverage disputes to name a few. Our experience litigating through complex landscapes ensures your subrogation cases are in good hands regardless of the underlying factual basis for the loss.

The Challenge Of Governmental Immunity

The attorneys at Bodie Enger Law, LLC are well-versed in prosecuting claims against governmental entities. We ensure all notice requirements are met and provide expert advice about whether immunity waiver provisions set forth in the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act will apply. We frequently pursue governmental entities when their immunity is waived with successful results.

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