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Expertise in Preserving Subrogation and Litigation Rights For Complex Loss Claims

In large, complex property losses, and the resulting subrogation claims, untangling the many layers of legal issues and ensuring preservation of subrogation rights can be a daunting endeavor. At Bodie Enger Law, LLC, subrogation for large property claims is a major focus of our practice. We have extensive experience handling clients’ complex subrogation claims and we are routinely called upon to get involved immediately after a claim is reported. Our attorneys relieve the claim adjuster’s burden and ensures preservation of our clients’ subrogation rights by hiring the appropriate engineers and experts, directing a thorough investigation, and identifying involved parties for notice. Our attorneys have successfully navigated claims involving highly publicized claims and eight-figure losses.

Based in Denver, Colorado, we provide effective and insightful representation for insurance companies and third parties facing complex losses involving injury or property damage such as:

  • Fires and floods.
  • Product liability including widespread product defect litigation
  • Catastrophic system failures due to professional negligence, engineering errors, and faulty products.
  • Complex disputes regarding primary/excess coverage, contribution, and indemnification issues.
  • Commercial trucking claims and the complicated coverage issues that ensue including MCS-90 coverage.

Regardless of the status of the claim, our office is experienced at developing the case for successful results in negotiation and litigation. Complex claims sometimes grow from smaller claims. A seemingly minor property damage claim can escalate into a complex loss as the investigation may reveal and assessed damages increase. When this happens, our attorneys are an experienced resource to assist with developing the necessary investigation well after the loss occurred.

Our Approach To Complex Subrogation Claims

We take a detailed approach to evaluating losses, hiring the right experts, researching applicable codes/statutes, and investigating every avenue for recovery potential.   Conducting an extensive investigation with the best engineers and experts is often what makes the difference between an efficient recovery and protracted, expensive, litigation.  The initial investigation is the foundation of a successful subrogation claim. The attorneys at Bodie Enger Law LLC are your best resource for dedicated subrogation representation focused on building a strong foundation in every case.

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For assistance with any type of complex loss claim, including subrogation issues, please send our firm an email or call 303-830-6900. We are a proven name in complex loss claim representation.