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A Team Approach To Full-Service Insurance Subrogation

At Bodie Enger Law, LLC, our office employs a collaborative network of attorneys, paralegals, investigators and judgment teammates to efficiently return positive results for our clients. Team collaboration allows us to draw from diverse strategies and experience in problem solving and case management. We understand that our clients do not want their cases to drag through the system. Thus, we place priority on ensuring our cases are kept moving towards favorable and profitable resolutions.

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  • Keeping An Eye On The Bottom Line

    At Bodie Enger Law, LLC, we pride ourselves on our analytical skills and our efficiency. Our ultimate goal is to maximize your compensation and that means making sure you have a strong claim from the beginning. As a part of our process, we do a cost-benefit analysis at the outset of taking your case to make sure that you can get a recovery that is worth the time and expense of pursuing a subrogation claim. Whether that’s analyzing the costs needed to properly investigate and support your claim or determining the best route to recover on your judgment, we strive to maximize recovery within your cost parameters.

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    If you believe you have a subrogation claim, or have questions about a Colorado subrogation issue, contact us today by calling 303-830-6900 or by filling out our online contact form. We can discuss the details of your insurance claim and determine its subrogation potential.