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Based in uptown Denver, the attorneys at Bodie Enger Law, LLC practice throughout Colorado’s state and federal courts.
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Bodie Enger Law, LLC is a Boutique Colorado Law Firm Working Exclusively in Insurance Subrogation and Civil Litigation Disputes.
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An Experienced, Efficient Subrogation Legal Team Working For You

Bodie Enger Law is your trusted source for Insurance subrogation litigation in Colorado, and we work hard for our clients to recover all amounts possible. We are a “one-stop subrogation shop” because we successfully represent clients at all stages of a claim, from informal subrogation consultations to prelitigation investigation and resolution, to litigation, to post-judgment collection and recovery. Our hands-on team of attorneys review, open and diligently work each and every file in conjunction with our experienced staff to foster creative problem solving and tangible results.
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Thorough, Prepared And Effective

Bodie Enger Law, LLC employs a team of experienced trial attorneys. Successful negotiation depends on skilled and ready litigation counsel if negotiation breaks down. While obtaining formal legal resolution and incurring litigation expenses should be a last resort, Bodie Enger Law, LLC advocates from a position of strength because we thoroughly prepare cases for trial, though our strong command of the law and facts are applicable to each case. It is imperative to have attorneys that know how to win at trial. Our team of attorneys has substantial trial experience in a wide variety of legal matters who relish the opportunity to win trials for clients.
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Your Trusted Source For Insurance Subrogation Services And Advice

If you need advice or legal guidance through insurance subrogation, contact us with your questions.

Debt Collection Notice

Bodie Enger Law, LLC does engage in debt collection. Please be advised that contact from Bodie Enger Law, LLC may be an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.